11/24/15 - New Version Coming & Information about Game's Release Date

Hi all,

1. I'm pleased to announce we have a new version of Cooking Tale Mobile coming today. Dilara or I will update this thread with news about it after it's released. Please be sure you are Facebook connected before you install the new release, or you will lose your progress.

2. The game is going public in Turkey in 2 weeks. It's not very much time! We really need your suggestions and help more than anything before we get to that launch date. Thanks very much, Cooking Tale testers!

3. Vivian will be doing a bit of house cleaning today in the testers Facebook group. If you are not testing yet or have not posted in the forum, please contact Vivian on Facebook for help.



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Hi there, I see. Unfortunately there's not way for us to modify tester account units. I'm glad the game is working for you and very sorry about what happened with the energy. I can talk to our devs and maybe they can make sure it doesn't happen again.


Mastura! I found out we can give you that energy. We just need your Facebook ID!


Hi Jace,

Can you try connecting to FB again? This time, it should connect to your real Facebook account, if I'm not mistaken, and start from where you last left off on Facebook. You may need to disconnect from Facebook first and then reconnect. Let me know the results!

I am so glad the game is working for you now :)


Zoe posted these notes last night, Montique & Jace, it would be great if you could let us know if this is how you did it -> https://gamegos.freshdesk.com/discussions/topics/5000068305.


I know you were probably excited to start playing when ubertesters notified you but be sure to check news & announcements frequently :)

Jace, we'll have to put you on hold for the time being since we are all stumped. We will have to see what happens after the next release.

For you Feeni, could you explain a little bit more what happens? The game crashes during the preloader screen? And could you tell us which build you are playing? (a number found in ubertesters). Thank you!


Yes!! Its "Mastura Koloos" :)

hi Emily..yes that is what ive been doing. it actually says ''this will replace the previous version'' when I uninstalled/reinstalled

hi Emily , how do you know if youre facebook connected for sure,please?  I *think* I am connected but im not entirely certain

thx  : )

Hi Jace,

You can check by going into the game and tapping Settings. Hope this helps!


this is what I get after I uninstalled the google games they prompted me to install yesterday . so if I re install it ill only get those other msgs [Vivian posted for me yrsterday]

I do have google ''play'' store already installed ..that's where I get other games from, but this is asking me to install a different version/updated version

ive just tried going throu the ct app instead of thru ubertesters , and its still asking me to install google games app even when I click cancel

ill try installing the games app


thx Emily :)

yes ive just woke this morning and just seen zoe's post ..

last night I just noticed the notification of the new update and came here and saw dilara's post [few comments above] bout the new version , so I went ahead and updated

I didn't see zoe's post till now

I am loading up now and trying to connect to fb

[btw ..love the new burger stacking 'load up' screen  :) ]

no ive just installed google games and its still asking me to create a google + account :/

im still trying to connect , but atm its struggling to o anything and is crashing. it closes down back to my home screen

at least im 1 step forward than I was last week lol


thing is I thought it might just be my phone but I tried solitaire [as that suddenly popped up available for me in ubertesters menu last night] and that loads up super fast and plays perfectly..no issues at all [althou have no idea how to play it! lol im not a card player person]

fash cup wont even install ..its downloaded but keeps 'failing' to install ..ill keep trying with that.

anyways ill try again through out the day and get back to you later


Hi Jace,

What happens when you try to connect to facebook? 

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