Cooking Tale features special customers that boost your gameplay in different ways. Some of the special customers ease the levels while some of them make it harder to pass. Except for Rob and the Newlyweds, all special customers must be served before their patience drops to 2 hearts. All positive traited customers must be served before their patience drops to 2 hearts or you will not get the boosts they offer. If you don't serve to customers with negative traits before their patience drops to 2 hearts, they execute negative boosters that make the level harder. 


The singer Blondie gives you +1 patience heart for all customers waiting at the counter.


The Magician speeds up your movement so you can serve, grab ingredients, and move around your stand faster.


The Queen of Hearts refills all of your customers' patience levels.


Sleepy Lucy gives you +1 energy to use toward your next level.

The Mad Scientist adds 10 seconds onto the clock of timed levels.

The Ninja allows food to be cooked instantly for a short period.

Rob does not give money for the food you serve. He also has a lot of patience. You can choose to serve him to make him go away or you can wait until his patience ends.

Apollo gives you a random booster that other special customers have.

Alien allows you to perform actions super fast

The Newlyweds forget their order quickly so, you have to remember it and serve them.

The Maestro changes the places of all the ingredients if not served quickly.

Shelly reduces the patience of other customers with her scary siren voice if she's not served on time.