Tricky levels like level 136 or 172 got you down? Have no fear, there are lots of ways you can improve your gameplay and get past those tricky levels.

  • Practicing!
  • Buying boosters from the level pop-up and using them in the level. Each purchase with Coins is valid for 3 of each booster.
  • Going to the Shop and using Coins to buy faster/more powerful kitchen tools.
  • Spending Cooking Tale Cash (hard currency) on premium items at the shop.

Some levels have requirements which you have to meet in order to finish the level. These tasks are given to you at the beginning of the level. The tasks vary from serving a customer for a given number of times to cooking with an ingredient for a certain amount of times. You can see in the bar below how close you're to finishing the task. If you fail to finish the task, even if you get 3 stars, you won't be able to win and pass the level. 

Hope this helps!