Currently, the only way to get Cooking Tale Cash is to purchase it with real currency from the Add Cash menu. You can also purchase packs that contain Cash, Coins and Boosters.

Unfortunately we cannot handle payment issues concerning your credit card, paypal account, or other payment methods. In order to determine what is wrong, we advise you to contact your bank, credit card provider, or, if paying with paypal, paypal support. If your payment has not been made, there is nothing we can do to help. However, some of the players reported that they have experienced problems after purchasing Cash and packs. The purchase goes through but the items are not credited to their game account. We're aware of this bug and working on a fix. Nevertheless, in order to avoid having payment problems, there are some steps you can follow:
  • Making sure that you have a strong internet connection before making a purchase.
  • Waiting for a while after making a purchase even if you haven't received it. Sometimes if you try making a second purchase right after the uncredited purchase, the uncredited purchase goes through as if it has already been credited. Therefore, the game mechanics never credit the purchased Cash or Pack to your game. Because of that reason, it's better to wait for a couple of hours before making a second purchase after the uncredited purchase. 

If the purchase is still not credited after the given time, you can contact the customer support and they'll help you with pleasure.