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How Do You Find Foods for the Golden Spatula Challenge?

How do we find the foods required for the challenge?

I think we should be able to click the icon to take us there or list the levels the foods are on. Challenge cannot be played completely.

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hi there, i am an admin from 'cooking tale friends group' and this question has been popping up alot recently ... alot of players in our group are trying to help each other in suggesting the whereabouts  they have seen a particular customer , but so far they seem to be appearing randomly for each different player. For example , sleepy lucy may appear frequently in a certain level or 2 for a the odd few players, but not neccessarily at all for other players. what we have done is linked certain dishes required for the challenge to the customer needed=same levels. I hope this helps :)


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sorry was talking about the mystery gifts that you get from the spatula challenges.

I have not been having any trouble locating the regular patrons, but the others, such as the Queen and the Magician and Sleepy Lucy can hold things up at times. I have become very familiar with Sleepy Lucy's whereabouts in the 70 levels.

The foods are not a problem for me at all, some rounds do have more of what you need, but it's been fine. I have actually started recording what goes on in each level in a notebook so I know exactly where to go for what.

The main problems are the glitch in the challenge itself. You complete the coin part of the challenge and then come back, and it says you still need thousands of coins.

I think it would be a good idea if each round only used 1 energy bar. As it stands it takes about 40 minutes to build 1 game play for 10 energies. The 40 minute wait would be fine if it meant I could play 10-40 times instead of 1. 

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Since this question has been brought up many times before, I would think you would have come up with a is unfair for you to think that we would remember were everything was cooked....there definitely should be an easier way to find the food for the challenges as there are several levels within a kitchen setting....I would like this simplified in some way maybe a hint or a straight click through and NO this would not take away from this aspect of the game, but would actually make it more enjoyable....I am quite sure that you will come up with an easier way to complete the GOLDEN SPATULA game....or at least give us a hint...hope someone is still monitoring this site as I hat writing for nothing....

I agree wholeheartedly. It is quite taxing to try and remember not just where you encountered the dishes, but also, where the characters are as well. Hints, clues would be a good thing. Also, what are the golden spatulas for?

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