READ FIRST: About the Forum


The forum is for you to be able to make comments about the game and see what the team is up to.

News & Announcements - the latest from the developers. Updated bi-weekly. You can also find information about the forum here.

Suggestions - Use this forum to add feature requests and ideas about the game.

All topics are marked as follows:

Planned - The developers are planning to take this suggestion
Deferred - The developers want to take this suggestion but cannot do so at this time
In Progress - The developers are currently working on implementing this suggestion
Not Taken - The developers cannot take this suggestion for technical/analytical reasons
Implemented - This suggestion has been taken and is now available in the game.

Search for your topic before posting and vote for or reply to existing threads. If you have a new idea, start a new topic!

Help Q&A - Put your questions here so that someone from the community will be able to answer you. All Q&A topics will be marked "Answered" or "Unanswered."


Please let us know if you need help using the forum.

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