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Increase Energy Limit

Would love to see an extension on the energy bar from 50 ,to say like 150.

Lol ,ok maybe to 80 :)

5 'plays' is not enough, and seeing as its not [as far as I know] connected to our friends on the FB game version, we don't get any extra energy coming in.

On the survey I clicked ''I play the game for 5-10 mins'' option, not because that's enough for me ..I could play all day! Lol. But because 50 energy only lasts for 5 mins..until later in the day when the energy has refilled up again.


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Hi Jace, you will be able to collect energy from your friends when mobile is launched. You will be able to connect to facebook so you will have same friends syhncronized with your current account. 

Do you think it would be enough that time :) 

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No it is never enough time to play. :(

Hi Dilara , yes that is great news thx. :)

Yes, I'm sure once it goes live we will have more than enough energy.


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