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patience booster [cooking tale]

I've reached 'octopus beach' town [which I noticed is now renamed as ''fisherman inn'' [awh I liked octopus beach lol] 

 and we really could do with having the  radio or the coffee maker at the start of the 1st few levels. Especially when you have 4 orders of fish fingers or fish sandwich in a row ..and even more so when they are all Naomi who is the worst impatient customer of the lot of em loll.

The queen has just been introduced at this point, but so far she hasn't  appeared to help me out with other customers patience.

And is it just me or is this mobile version more impatient than FB version. lol

I've always loved octopus beach/fisherman inn levels, one of my top  favourites!

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They get impatient so fast. I am like this is quality fast food. It takes a little time lol. I hope they are not this impatiently when it goes live.
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