11/24/15 - New Version Coming & Information about Game's Release Date

Hi all,

1. I'm pleased to announce we have a new version of Cooking Tale Mobile coming today. Dilara or I will update this thread with news about it after it's released. Please be sure you are Facebook connected before you install the new release, or you will lose your progress.

2. The game is going public in Turkey in 2 weeks. It's not very much time! We really need your suggestions and help more than anything before we get to that launch date. Thanks very much, Cooking Tale testers!

3. Vivian will be doing a bit of house cleaning today in the testers Facebook group. If you are not testing yet or have not posted in the forum, please contact Vivian on Facebook for help.



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hi Emily , how do you know if youre facebook connected for sure,please?  I *think* I am connected but im not entirely certain

thx  : )

Hi Jace,

You can check by going into the game and tapping Settings. Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for letting us test it. It has been working really well. I don't have many glitches. I did have one thing happen where I had served all my food to the customers and the game didn't end. It only happened once. I will report it if it happens again.

Seems like this might get a bit delayed. Will keep you guys posted tomorrow. Thanks!


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hi Emily, I tried settings and theres a tiny button at the top greyed out ..I cant see the writing on it as its tiny ..but looks like an ''f''  for facebook?  so I clicked on it and it turned blue and took me away from the game for a couple seconds and then flashed back to game again ..and the button is greyed out again.

is this normal?

Yes Jace that is correct. It being greyed out means you are connected. It would be blue wanting you to connect if you weren't.


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Hi All,

We have just released the new version of Cooking Tale Mobile. 

You can now check your ubertesters account  and download the new version 1.30. You will also get a notification about this. 

From now on, you will be able to connect your google play account. 

We have also resolved many issues that you have mentioned previously. 

There is a new loading animation, however it is a bit slow at the moment, we will also fix this next time.

Your progress is saved unless you delete the game on your device, so you will be able to continue playing where you left. If you have experience any problem about your progress please let us know. 

Thank you very much :)

Waiting for your feedbacks. Have fun!  

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thx Kelley ..  :)

feedback so far>>  application took a minute or 2 , that's great :) , downloading , got stuck on 24% for awhile but cant complain..all in all took 3/4 mins tops ...which is fast considering

should we be ''installing google play games '' ?  when its already installed ?

sorry to add>>> I mean  its already pre installed on my device.

I was thinking of the ''adobe air''  issue you had previously ..

ok its asking me to install latest version of google play games ...

same as it did for adobe air ...but that turned out to be wrong

is this the same?

shall  I go ahead?

do u HAVE  to sign up with a google account???

I really don't want to

Hi Jace,

You don't have to sign up with your google account, it is not mandatory. 

I didn't understand the other issue: install latest version of google play games

Did google asked for it?

Adobe air is already loaded with your game so you shouldn't be facing this issue.


it wont let me in unless I create a google account

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