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cash missing

hi, reacently i realized that u can colect cash by geting 3 star on level. so i start to colect them. yesterday i had 23dolars and now only 7 !!!!!!  :((((((  and i didnt spend it !!! also how could i have 7 ? when u start to play the game u get 10 for free ,,in the bigining, right ?! so , please help me with that. Again i didnt spent it, i was colecting them , i need at least 50 dolars to upgrade one of the tools. 

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Hi Samanta, thanks for explaining the situation. We would need additional information to check your situation and solve it. Do you play Cooking Tale on mobile or web? We would need your user id in both cases. If you are playing the game on mobile, please send a ticket within the game. Go to Settings and click on Contact. If you are playing on web, click on the Contact button below the game and send a ticket. We will be able to see your user id and will resolve the issue :) Thank you for your help. 

After paying 50.00 cafeland didn't load my3,250 cafe cash

Good afternoon! 54 dollars disappeared in my gameIf it ispossiblewould be desirable to return the lost sumBe kindcorrect such problemIt happens already not first timeand it very irritatesCorrect itrather!!

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