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why cant i pick up any food to cook this is frustrating i loose all my energy

she wont pick up any food and i lose the game everytime

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Having the same problem here.  I initially thought it might be my computer, I rebooted, shut down, and restarted my laptop 3 times,  and in the process I've wasted 50 energy, 5 antiburn upgrades, 2 more patience upgrades, 2 extra coin upgrades and 2 extra customer upgrades.  What is the BUG in this game?  Just started tonight,  (tried playing at 1:45 AM EST  6/14/17.   Everything else in the game (buying items,  selecting a level, moving from town to town works),  but when you start the game,  You are unable to select ANY Food,  it doesn't seem to be recognizing that the mouse is clicking the food , or any other item in the game (microwave, blender, etc.) . So all you can do is stand there while everyone's hearts run out.  Please Fix this and let us know when it has been rectified. 

I have the same problem as Heather . Pleace help!!


Having Same Issues Actually Thought It Was My Mouse Acting Up But Now I Know Other People Are Having The Same Problem . Please Fix This Bug.

Having Same Issues !

I have the same problem since yesterday


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