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Missing cash

Hello, The last 2 times I have tried to purchase cash I have not received it. I like playing the game however I'm not going to continue to pay for cash & not receive it. The error message keeps saying this had already been paid for & that it will restore my cash later. Later is over I need my cash or my money back please. Thanks, Tonya

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4번이나 결제한거중 두번은 안들왔음 24200원 12100원 들어옴 8800원 12100원 안들어옴 ㅡㅡ 이거 카드결제했는건데 환불한주던지 아님 게임 머니주던지 장난하는것도아니고 이러면 하고싶겠냐고 ㅡㅡ
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