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Can not play game/ keeps taking energy when I haven't even played

I updated the App and it keeps going to the prompt, "Oh no... close out and restart your app"... I have did this and after pushing play it goes back to the same message and then takes 8 energy as I try to play the ...After several attempts, I am left with 1 energy, when I started with 50 energy and didn't even get to play a game in a matter of a minute or two :( Extremely Disappointed

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Same with me. I can not played game too.

I cannot play Cooking Tale. It always show "Oh no.."  Refresh " but when I did it . Nothing happened .. why?

Same - after update, can no longer play. I get the message to restart my app. And it fixes nothing. Ideas?
Same issue

I keep getting Refresh and nothing happened.

the same for me too!!!!!!!!

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